From summer to autumn

Last day of summer. From the season of few clothes to the season of more clothes.
Drawings from my pile of little doodles on old envelopes and other scrappapers.


Saturdays crayfishparty in a nice old blacksmiths workshop.
The lantern and matchboxes come from my relatives old house.

Lots of interesting things to see here: Spot On : Textiles.



A day of sorting, tidying and cleaning.


Dragons mill

We went here for a walk the other night at dusk. Such a special place, hidden away and with heather in full bloom. Think I would stay in the hotel for a night if I could afford it.

Little red shoes and the kissing pigs

Couldn´t resist those little shoes in the leftovers of a fleamarket. So small but still adult looking and you can see they been played in. The kissing pigs are a present for my boyfriend from his mum when she went to Cambodia.




Im certainly no great gardener but what we managed to grow tastes good.


A morning walk down to the river with the dog. Hot and dry summer soon turning into autumn.
The two little hillocks are bronzeage graves and are called The Sisterhills.


Couples x 3

These three photos on top of the cabinet all come from fleamarkets. The top one from a flea in Ahmedabad, India and the other two from small swedish villages. I don´t have a clue who they are but they have some things in common; they all look about the same age, the ladies all sit at the same side and the men all have similar haircuts. I wonder who they are/were..



Im so happy that my camera seems to work again. Goodnight.


Two drawings from a while ago.


Pink, from around my home.
Read about The pink sari gang here.


More strange

Hemnet is another website where I look for strange pictures. Many old falling down houses have moody intriguing interiors, perfect for fantasizing about. Its a bit like sneaking about an old derelict house but a bit less scary...

This is a good website for this as well, he must have so much fun taking these pictures and finding the places.


Another try

Ok, I´m still here. My camera is broken and the summer is a busy time but I shall continue this.