Morning and evening light.
Bright, beautiful today but Im tired. Tonight will be some more lights around here.



I haven´t done much updating here lately, will try to get back into it..
Autumn is at it´s most colurful peak but the evenings are gettin darker... Pictures from this morning.


Rocks, sea, woods

Yesterdays walk. We picked eatable chestnuts that we roasted in the oven.



I like the atmosphere and colors in these pictures found at hemnet.



I like monkeys/apes.
Top picture is from a schoolbook from 1878.
The monkeys at the bottom I bought in India from a little man with very hairy ears.


island finds

We stopped in a small self service fleamarket along the road on Öland. I found a little japanese girl, african fabric, jugend coaster and a small apron made from Viola Gråsten fabric.


We drove up to Öland at the weekend to visit my brother who is studying there. It was grey and rainy but we drove around in the car looking. It was nice to see a new place and my dear brother.
We also saw the biggest and the smallest bird of Sweden at the same time here.
2.My brothers noticeboard
3.Typical cottage and stonewall
4. Inside my brothers cigarbox



Nature is starting to be very colorful now.
In the middle a old songbook with illustrations by Ylva Källström-Eklund.


Graveyard details

Walked past the graveyard on my morning walk. Many little details to look at.


wind wind

Its been so windy and rainy this weekend. I find the wind a bit tireing.
I stayed in and drew yesterday, first time in ages.
Two full moons rose outside our bedroom window this evening when the rain had cleared....



Went and visited a friend last night and we made som chutney together. She´s just moved in to a little flat overlooking these nice gardens. Lots of inspiring compositions.


Bye, bye cranes - til next year

Cranes were cirkeling in the updrafts above our house yesterday then forming plowshapes and flying south for the winter.
Jellyfish washed up on the beach, looking like glassbeads.
First fire of the autumn in the woodstove.
Beautiful pom-pom looking growth from rosehipbush.