I slept too long this morning...
Yesterday I made the round leathercushion from bits of scrapleather.
The spotty cushion in the background is by Margo Selby for Habitat.



Bright, crisp and still here today, how I like autumn to be. Bark, the dog, found a nice place to sit and watch the world.



Clearing my desk and noticeboard today, time for new things to land.
Got some colorful asters from a friend yesterday.



We cycled down to the mouth of the river today and laid on the bridge and spied on fish. It´s big seatrout coming upriver to mate in the autumn. They were jumping leaving big ripples on the murky water.

Something totally fish unrelated, but silly; Wilson & Keppel


Japan in my village

The japanese couple from Humming Joe came and bought some retro things from me today.
And I got a gift, origami paper and some snacks. So pretty and they even showed me how to fold a crane!

Skies and pears

The sky was very dramatic last night, our house in bottom photo looks quite ghostlike.
I made some ginger pears with staranacide, sooo tasty.

Fnubbu, nice knits by old classmate from DKDS.



Some ladies that I share my home with...

See more good faces here.



Natures edges are starting to glow. Old boots might be useful this autumn.


Some finds

Fleamarket again on saturday. Some of the things I found: An embroidered picture with nice teak edges, and a black cat.
Tonight is time for sauna and swim in the sea, very good to have that to look forward to every week.
Nice work : Nathalie Lété

Angles and doors

Went to visit some friends at the weekend. The house that they moved in to recently has very many strange angles, doors and old wallpapers.



Some more atmospheric pictures from Blocket / hemnet. The puppies are real by the way...



Beautiful september morning here. Top picture: Chicory, one of my favorite flowers.



Another couple of drawings from my scrappile.

Blast from the past

Inside our wardrobe is a document of time left from the daughter of the old lady who lived here before. A mix of celebrities, some cute animals and one drawing of Jimmy Page. I guess it´s from the mid/late seventies.

Patti Smith Free money


Manly autumn

Army surplus jumper, old coathangers, plasticrug, danish enameled jokemug and the bricks of our house.

We got a secondhand car the other day and are a bit worried about rust, then we found this....

A favorite: Birger Kaipiainen