Long time no updating..
Im away at the moment with no cameralead so in the meantime some pictures of longtime favourite
Sonja Delaunays work.



His world is growing day by day. I  to follow the process.


red finds

Last weekends fleamarketfinds.
Piece of shelf paper
Homeknitted childrens waistcoat
Old wowen woolfabric
Cake tin


Winter has hit us well and truly. Today was crisp and beautiful.
Icicles outside bedroom window.
View of our village.
Our big ashtree and a half heart.
A comfortable looking table.


shades of grey

Grey is beautiful sometimes.
This old song!
This blog!


Still lifes

A little sunbeam came through the window this morning and hit the shelf.
Then it was gone and now its all rain and dark again, darkest time of the year here now. Tough but also calm and sort of cozy.
This book is suitable reading right now.


A walk

From a walk down to the sea the other week, feels like autumn has stepped up a gear since then.

Look at these beautiful rugs, wish I owned one.



In bed with a cold today. Hopefully better on saturday so I can still have my birthdayparty, the invitation that I made above.



Old sewing silks.
The cot where our little one sleeps, that I slept in to when I was a baby.
The pillow with the lion is made by talented friend Sofia.


Alice Neel

Went here to see the exhibition with Alice Neels paintings the other day. Liked it very much, nice with almost only portraits.

evil teddy etc

Not much updating lately, would like to get back in to it..
These are pictures left behind by my boyfriends nephew when visiting us this summer. I think they are great!


I like this new childish life 


Something I couldn´t resist buying in a flea when it costs nothing. Babyshirt, collar and leathershoes.
So fine and delicate and the shoes actually fits my littleman.



The results from the swedish general election yesterday brought sad news. The far right got far too many votes for comfort....



Autumn is here for sure.
We found some chantarelles in the woods, so tasty.
The dress is fifties or early sixties from a recent fleamarket.


x 2

A bird I made and a sign from indian fleamarket.

The dogs toys conversing.

Mother and son.

to the cities

Went to Copenhagen and Malmö this weekend. Visiting friends and looking at an exhibition here were my fabrics from Ljungbergs were shown. The exhibition featured products inspired by folkart, nice.