Red details around my home.



Eggs from friends chickens and the sea the other day.



A english schoolboy made out of rubber bought recently in fleamarket.
A digital but yet very analogue shopping bag bought in India some years ago.
Stuck inside with a cold for days, so boring..


happy new

New years eve was such a bright crisp day. A walk by the sea. More of this crispness and sun please.

Om ni inte sett den - Pang Pang bröder på svt play -se den


Paris IIII

On my last day I visited Musée du quai Branly.
Interesting architechture and so many treasures from the non-european world. Made me want to go travelling further..

Sweet french kids stuff - Petit Pan.

Paris III

Good looking typeface.
Architechtural detail.
Detail from beautiful piece by El Anatsui  and one by Duchamp seen here.


Paris II

Some wiews of the city.
Parc des Buttes Chaumont, close to my friends home in Belleville.
Street in Belleville.
Boat where we had nice lunch.
House I would like in my garden for a studio.
Stormy sky over Montmartre.

Paris I

Oups, a good month passed by... I went to Paris and then soon there was christmas and newyears.
Lots of pictures in store to be shown here.
I stayed with a friend in Paris and here are some details from her nice little flat. So many nice things, textiles and colors to look at there.