Last years flowers

Not very springlike, but so beautiful and delicate, like gold and silk. Found them in the garden after the snow had gone, Japanese lanterns, Hortensia and Mallow.

More random

I´ve had a cold for the last week or so, tireing. Have to drink lots of tea, keep warm and trying to tidy all my things up slowly.

Very nice ceramics, Ruth Gurvich.



Bits and pieces from home.
The embroidered bird was a find from the last fleamarket I went to.
I made a small patchwork blanket, never done it before but it was very much fun.


I think its here

Finally the snow is melting, the snowdrops are showing and everything else that´s been hidden for months. Its raining today but still its green and brown, not white.
And the cranes are returning over the village, welcome returns.



Old wool embroidery from the area of sweden where I live. A bit too rich sometimes in the allover expression but there is fun and beautiful details.


Pink/Green Paris

While the snow has decided to stay a little bit longer and my camera is being stupid (I need a new one I think) I looked at photos from a trip to Paris last spring. Makes me yearn for spring even more..



We sadly found a dead owl in the garden today, one of these. It had been hidden under the snow and was perfectly preserved and beautiful, intresting to see so close but sad that it didn´t make the winter. The sun has been out today though, and it´s definately spring sun even though the temperature is still winter.
Picture found here.

Indian textures

Looked through old photos. Found these details of emroidery and shibori that I took in India. The bottom one is before the tiny knots have been untied in the shibori cloth, almost prettiest like that. The top pic is of a traditional gujarati mans shirt.