Wallpapers 1957

I had almost forgot about this when I found it in a cupboard the other day. Its a wallpaper sample-book from 1957 that I bought in a fleamarket a few years ago. Lot´s of nice and typical patterns. The blue one with flowers my grandparents put up in one of the rooms of their summerhouse around that time and it´s still there.
More old wallpapers, for sale, here.



Went to a fleamarket in one of the fishing villages along the coast at the weekend. Bought some unneccesary but pretty things, like the rose cushion. And then a walk on the still icy beach.

Semla x 2

I made semlor the other day. Even baked the buns myself. Very tasty.



Forsythia from the garden, brought in to hurry spring along a bit.
Dog asleep after our walk.
Blanket over old window to keep out draft.



My great uncle´s bowties. I like the colors, shapes, patterns and graphics.

Frozen sea

The sea has frozen this year. It´s beautiful in a almost spooky, silent way.



Random everydayness.
It's snowing out there again, Im tired if the winter now, please come spring and flowers.



My favourite blue white pattern here.


Grey Berlin

We went to Berlin and then England a couple of weeks ago, to visit friends and family. Berlin was cold snowy and grey, but atmospheric in it's own way. South of England was green and mild as always. It was nice with a break.


Lucienne Day

While my camera is being akward I post some pictures found on the
internet of Lucienne Days nice work. I heard on BBC the other day that she had passed away wich made me curious to look into her work a bit more.



Long time no see...I will try to find the energy to get back into posting here. See you soon.
Another good picture from hemnet.