Some of last saturdays fleamarket finds.
A fifties Emmaljunga pram, cost me 20 kr(2 euros!). A bit worn but with the original seatcover with campingpattern and fully rideable.
A pair of näbbstövlar, beakboots.
A nice wooden toy.


bag from Ghana

Bought a little bag from Ghana. The teqnique is called Kente cloth. Nice one here.

Discobeading, found via this blog.


polish papercuts

Because they are so pretty (^:


by the sea

Busy, busy. Not much time for the computer.
Some pictures from a barbecue by the sea one night. The baltic sea always looks different, this night it was a milky pale-blue at dusk. The best place.


My shop

Yesterday I opened my little fleamarket up for business as the touristseason is upon us. As fleamarkets is a main hobby of mine I also have my own little retro-shop in our barn, as it would be impossible to keep all good finds for my self ;-). So if you are passing our village you are welcome to pop in!